Austin Capital Trust Company’s role is to help protect assets for individuals, families, and corporate clients.

Austin Capital works to develop and implement the resources and platforms needed for our clients to implement a sound plan in order to grow and protect assets. By working in concert with other financial professionals to fulfill client wishes, we provide the confidence in knowing independent experts are working in concert to provide critical fiduciary safeguards.


Austin Capital’s goal is to provide the tools and resources to effectively manage assets now and in the future.

By harnessing an advanced technology platform, our vision is to provide a highly scalable solution that will offer individuals, corporations, and partners with an end-to-end financial solution to meet their needs and exceed expectations, all the while doing it efficiently and at a fair price.

Protecting Resources

Trusts managed by Austin Capital Trust Company are administered in Nevada, which may provide you with a number of important benefits.

Low Income Tax Rate:

  • No state income tax on accumulated income that is not distributed, depending on trust type
  • No corporate income tax and no franchise tax

Preferential Asset Protection Laws:

  • Nevada laws allow a trust to be effective for 365 years
  • Excellent privacy laws to protect you and your beneficiaries

Trust Investments Governed According to Nevada Law:

  • Nevada trust laws allow grantors investment flexibility by allowing them to set their own investment parameters