Austin Capital MFO Services

The primary benefit of an MFO model is driven by three areas:

  1. The interest for Family Office services without building a Single Family Office (“SFO”)
  2. The desire to delegate and centralize the management of wealth, and
  3. The relative cost savings.

Austin Capital Trust brings together our dedicated investment team and investment professionals conducting a wide array of due diligence with our infrastructure, technology, and business process automation using the FamilyWealth™ platform in order to streamline and make the operating model of the Family Office more effective. These strengths allow for scalability of expertise and translate to lower fees for our clients.

Another benefit to Austin Capital Trust is the breadth of experiences learned from the variety of families that are served. Because of the greater volume of similar situations, ACTC has devised strategies for different fact patterns that families are trying to solve. This is a tremendous advantage for start-up family offices in particular.