Family Office Services

The purpose of a Family Office is to coordinate, organize, plan, and oversee the wealth of ultra-high net worth individuals and their families today and family members yet to be born. The role of the Family Office as integrator and coordinator of all the wealth affairs of the family truly makes the Family Office different from other financial institutions because it is uniquely positioned to execute long-term strategic planning on multiple fronts. The Family Office is the “coach” and “quarterback” for the management of the family’s financial and wealth affairs, providing a centralized point for the family to unify around their wealth. The Family Office will collaborate with the family’s professional team members – lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, family business advisers – to derive the family’s strategic plan and decide when to move forward and execute on certain goals and when to opt out or refrain from certain objectives. The Family Office is not only about ongoing maintenance and monitoring of wealth, it is about deriving the strategy to sustain and grow the wealth across generations.

To achieve this goal an “Organization” is created to serve the “Family Wealth” on a diverse range of financial, estate, accounting, investment management, tax, and Legacy needs, amongst others. The Family Office provides a structure that helps preserve the family enterprise by supporting four dimension of the family:

  • Business Legacy – where the wealth originates, and for some, the cornerstone for the Family Enterprise.
  • Financial Legacy – where financial security and management of the wealth are maintained.
  • Family Legacy – where the family comes from and where they are heading together.
  • Philanthropic Legacy – where the lasting contribution for the family resides, by giving back.