The FamilyWealth™ platform is a suite of integrated, but modular, services that incorporate cloud-based technology along with automated workflows to provide client-focused solutions helping financial institutions increase efficiency, monitor compliance, and improve client services.

Trust Solution

The FamilyWeatlh™ Trust Solution offers trust accounting, operations outsourcing, and custody services. It can be tailored to an organization’s needs, leading to greater efficiencies and optimizations of operating and technology costs.

Unified Managed Household

The Unified Managed Household (“UMH”) capabilities offer a front-to-back solution that eases key operational and administrative burdens and lets managers and advisers focus on building client relationships and growing their business.

CRM and Workflows

The use of automated workflows in concert with a client relationship management (CRM) system helps drive efficiency. Implementing effective workflows will free up advisers and owners to spend more time on a growth and value strategy for their advisory business.

Turnkey Asset Management

Turnkey asset management programs, or TAMPs, allow advisers to delegate the investment management function to those able to devote more time and resources toward it. And, by offloading back-office functions, advisers can focus more on client facing activities and on growing their business.

Robo Advisers

Robo-Advisers are computer algorithms to provide automated investment advice with little to no human contact with the end-user. But rather than simply supplanting the traditional adviser, there is a trend of convergence between “traditional” robo providers and traditional advisers, leading toward a model that combines online advice with human support.