Turnkey Asset Management

Turnkey asset management programs, or TAMPs, allow advisers to delegate the investment management function to those able to devote more time and resources toward it. By delegating this function, advisers are able to “sit on the same side of the table” as the client, monitoring performance and recommending change if it falls short. And, at the same time, by offloading back-office functions, advisers can focus more on client facing activities and on growing their business.

Creating Efficiencies

Through our TAMP, financial advisors have access to the expertise and resources of an entire team of specialized professionals to help them with the various tasks necessary to service the investment needs of their clients. Austin Capital’s TAMP provides advisors with:

  • Marketing materials
  • Risk assessment questionnaires
  • Proposals
  • Performance reporting software
  • And many other tools
How It Works

Austin Capital’s TAMP provides separate managed accounts (SMA) and unified managed household accounts (UMHA) to better manage assets. The UMHA is a structure that can contain various types of investment products like stocks, bonds, SMAs, mutual funds, ETFs, or alternatives.

Each asset class fits into its own “sleeve” and advisors can build as many sleeves as the client portfolio requires. The advantage is that the entire household is managed from one platform allowing for your investment needs to be focused and carried out efficiently and taking advantage of efficiencies derived from scale.