Unified Managed Household

FamilyWealth™ offers an automated, all-in-one management platform providing goal-oriented strategies across an investor’s household of accounts. With our UMH, wealth managers can create their own overlay management services or hire a separate overlay manager for their portfolios and eliminate disparate systems and silo. Austin Capital’s FamilyWealth™ offers true UMH capabilities:

  • Automated portfolio and tax optimization across a household supporting goal-oriented portfolios.
  • Automated overlay with robust CIO options reduces cost and increases distinguishing features.
  • Mix Mutual Funds, ETFs, Individual Securities, and SMAs in one account or household.
  • Supports Managed Account programs (SMA, Model Manager, UMA, Rep as PM, and Fund Wrap)
  • End-to-end account support from a robust Financial Adviser desktop application, a customized proposal system, and integrated account agreements, to automated administration such as automated rebalancing and restriction management.