Middle And Back Office

We offer flexible and personalized outsourcing solutions that enables managers to leverage Austin Capital’s infrastructure without the burdensome fixed costs associated with data storage, disaster recovery, trade operations, and administrative workflows. Our staff will work seamlessly with you to ensure your firm’s critical operational processes are handled promptly and accurately.

Providing seamless integration of best-in-class proprietary financial technology solutions, we are able to deliver with maximum operational efficiency to ensure smooth daily operations. By implementing workflows and automation, we allow you to spend more time focusing on your business and leave the administrative burden to our team. Austin Capital’s middle-office operations experts work in concert with you before, during and after the trading day to ensure your firm’s critical operational processes are handled promptly and accurately.

With advanced data analytics, we offer reliable, relevant data management to effectively manage risk and make well-informed decisions. Aggregation and normalization is critical. In our comprehensive data management model, we aggregate data from all of your prime brokers and executing brokers, normalize and validate the data, apply quality controls to ensure consistency and accuracy, then deliver the data in meaningful context. We have the systems and experience covering all asset classes and most fund structures. We also offer you automated workflows which capture an audit trail to deliver additional transparency and oversight.

Using our services can also help protect your firm by reducing your reliance on manual processes, and decreasing the probability of errors or losses. We also reduce your operational fixed costs and eliminate your reliance on spreadsheets, which are prone to inefficiencies and human error. And we do all this with infrastructure that integrates the latest and best technology enhancements for compliance, risk management, valuation and tax, and investor reporting to provide you with a robust institutional-grade platform. Austin Capital can help you get your funds to market faster by leveraging consistently applied processes, incorporating best practices, and continuous process improvements.