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Components of a Successful 401(k)

Open Architecture

Plan Sponsors have numerous fiduciary responsibilities when sponsoring a qualified retirement plan. The Defined Contribution Plan marketplace has seen a number of changes in the last couple of years and it is difficult to keep up with laws and rule changes. Although there are constant changes in the Defined Contribution Plan marketplace, it is still a key benefit most employers want to offer their employees.

Along with the benefits comes legal responsibility for the employer that sponsors a Plan. The Plan and its Fiduciaries are subject to potential civil and criminal liability under both the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, or ERISA, and the Internal Revenue Code. These challenges for the Plan Sponsor present opportunities for Financial Advisors who can assist the employer sponsoring a 401(k) plan in avoiding or minimizing legal liability related to the plan by conducting a “checkup” of a plan’s current operations and documentation.

Austin Capital works to stay abreast of new developments and communicating these changes to our clients.

Fee Transparency

Austin Capital believes that our clients should have a full and complete understanding of their plan’s cost structure and how we are compensated. Many times, there are hidden fees associated with running a 401(k) plan and we believe that this is wrong. Our clients deserve to know every fee and cost involved with the plan from investment expenses, advisor fees, to administration and recordkeeping fees. We provide a full overview and detail of every fee associated with our services so that our clients can have confidence in knowing what the true cost of the plan will be.

Plan Reporting

Our system reporting options are designed to suit a variety of needs in order to give Plan Sponsors and Advisors the information they need to make informed decisions about the plan. We strive to make it easy for all plan stakeholders to get the information needed.

A few of the reporting categories available through Austin Capital include:

  • Review Plan Participation Levels
  • Review Contribution Metrics
  • Monitor Transfers & Withdrawals
  • Monitor Participation By Age Groups
  • Fee Disclosure And Benchmarks

Tools for Participants

Our platform is designed to provide the information and resources needed for plan participants to make an informed decision about their retirement savings:

  • Portfolio Summary Snapshot
  • Time-Weighted Rate of Return
  • Transaction History
  • Education Booklet