Administrative Trustee Services

When your clients want to create a trust as part of their estate planning, they are often challenged to decide who will serve as trustee and/or successor trustee on their trusts. Many of your clients have strong, long-term relationships with their investment advisers and would like to maintain continuity of investment management as assets are passed on to the next generation in trust.

With Administrative Trustee Services, exclusive investment discretion is granted to the investment adviser and Austin Capital is appointed to serve as the administrative trustee in the trust document. Though Austin Capital requires that Nevada law govern trust administrative provisions, validity and construction may continue to be governed by the laws of other states.

Allowing trusted financial advisors to continue to manage their clients’ overall investment portfolios, including trust assets, can provide solace and continuity to both clients and beneficiaries. The goal of Austin Capital is to enable financial advisors to do what they do best—manage assets according to their clients’ unique investment profiles and levels of risk tolerance—while leaving the administrative fiduciary tasks to another professional.

Investment advisor

  • Primary client relationship manager
  • Manager of trust financial assets

Austin Capital Trust Company

  • Trust administration according to trust document and applicable law
  • Safekeeping of trust assets
  • Dividend and interest payments
  • Income and principal distributions
  • Annual administrative account reviews
  • Fiduciary accounting and recordkeeping
  • Preparation and filing of federal and state fiduciary tax returns